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Algebra 1


The Algebra Tutor helps students build on pre-existing knowledge to work towards creating equations. The tutor keeps track of the students' progress both within each problem and across the problems in a lesson, choosing problems based on the students' strengths and weaknesses. Only when a students reaches mastery level in all skill areas does the tutor advance the student to the next lesson.





Algebra 2


The Algebra 2 Tutor works in a manner similar to the Algebra 1 Tutor. However the tutor engages the students using tools developed for the higher level of algebraic problems, such as the equation grapher tool.





Excel Tutor


In our research attempts to enhance the effectiveness of cognitive tutors we are expanding the range of skills modeled by these systems. These issues are being explored in the context of a tutor for Microsoft Excel.







The Geometry Tutor emphasizes the same educational goals as both of the Algebra Tutors. Important tools to highlight are the glossary, which contains both a text definition of the geometric law, and a visual example of that law being applied. The ratio tool, which is specific to the Similar Triangle lesson. And the diagram tool which allows students to used an abstract representation of their problem with the flexibility of labeling side and angle measures.





Middle School


We are currently involved in the construction of a curriculum for middle school (6th-8th grade) mathematics based on the latest findings in educational and cognitive psychology. This curriculum uses the same blend of classroom instruction, group work, and cognitive tutoring used in our previous efforts. A key part of our curriculum is the use of authentic mathematics problems to help students bridge their knowledge gaps and learn new areas.





Ms. Lindquist


We have developed an intelligent tutoring system for algebra expression writing that can be more human-like in that it can carry on running conversations with a student. Ms. Lindquist has been deployed on the web at and has been used by thousands of students. By analyzing students' performance we are trying to determine what the next development process is for intelligent tutors.



Neil Heffernan
Ken Koedinger